Our Team

With over 150 years of accumulated wind and related energy industry experience, our management team fosters a steadfast commitment to exceptional quality, safety and service – further proof of Goldwind Americas’ innovation for a brighter tomorrow.

Meet Our Team

  • David Sale, Chief Executive Officer

  • Saad Qais, Chief Financial Officer

  • Vikaas Rao-Aourpally, Vice President of Sales & Business Development

  • Reinhard Sander, Vice President of Engineering & Technology

  • Chris Wittwer, Vice President of Execution

  • Lynlee Yager, General Counsel

  • Nurdin Bi, Managing Director of Capital

  • Richard Ellis, Director of Construction

  • Shari Erwin, Controller

  • Chance Chambers, Key Account Manager

  • Martin Ding, Business Development Director

  • Keith Kurtz, Project Development & Asset Manager

  • Lauren La Marche, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications 

  • Luke Liu, Director of Technical Services

  • Tim O’Malley, Operations Manager, USA

  • Grant Qualley, Sales Manager, North America

  • Jorge Rivera, Project Manager

  • Doug Schultz, Director of Safety


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