Cooper Farms Cooked Meats Employs 3 MW of Wind Power



V.H. Cooper & Co., Inc., owner of Cooper Farms Cooked Meats, one of the largest family-owned turkey processing companies in the U.S., sought alternative methods of electricity supply for their production plants that would meet their goals of sustainability and cost reduction.



Goldwind Americas worked with One Energy, an Ohio-based wind energy contractor, to custom design a net-metered wind energy solution that will supply 4.5 MW of power to the Cooper Farms Wind VW Project under a 20-year power purchase agreement. The project consists of three GW87 1.5 MW wind turbines, which are uniquely suited for distributed generation projects due to the reliable permanent magnet direct-drive technology that minimizes lifecycle maintenance costs to the consumer. The project fulfills approximately 60% of the Cooper Farms facility’s power demand.

Goldwind Americas continues to provide the Cooper Farms Wind VW Project with long-term service maintenance and a warranty package designed to ensure the project operates at high availability levels.

The project is part of a broader energy solutions program that Goldwind Americas, One Energy and other Fortune 500 companies are partnering on to help large-scale electricity consumers achieve their cost saving and sustainability objectives.