With over 150 years of accumulated wind and related energy industry experience, our management team fosters a steadfast commitment to exceptional quality, safety and service – further proof of Goldwind Americas’ innovation for a brighter tomorrow.


  • Zuo Feng

    Zuo Feng

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Lynlee Yager

    Lynlee Yager

    General Counsel
  • Grant Qualley

    Grant Qualley

    Vice President, Sales & Key Account Management
  • Kevin Linnane

    Kevin Linnane

    Vice President, Operational Excellence & Strategic Planning
  • Paul Briggs

    Director, Contract Management
  • Lauren La Marche

    Lauren La Marche

    Regional Vice President, Marketing & Communications
  • Jorge Rivera

    Director, Project Management Office
  • Justin Valentine

    Director, Operational Excellence & Strategic Planning
  • Weiheng Wang

    Weiheng Wang

    Director, Engineering & Technical Services